Preserving Navion Military Heritage

Introduction to the L-17

L-17B and Navion N4566K in formation L-17B and Navion in formation

The NAvion was the first civilian aircraft manufactured by North American Aviation, famous for producing legendary military aircraft such as the P-51 Mustang fighter, AT-6 Texan trainer, B-25 Mitchell bomber, and F-86 Saber Jet fighter.

The NAvion was a rugged aircraft with excellent short and rough field capabilities, good range, and capacity for 4 people along with reasonable cargo. NAvions are a dream to fly like all North American aircraft: light on the controls and perfectly harmonized in all axis of flight.

The same qualities that made it attractive to civilian buyers caught the attention of the U.S. Army that was looking for a "flying pickup truck" for "liaison" duties such as personnel transport and light cargo. Prohibited by the Key West Agreement from procuring fixed-wing aircraft, the Army requested the Air Force place an order for a military version of the NAvion. 83 aircraft were ordered in 1947 and given the military designation L-17. Faced with demand for the F-86, North American sold the NAvion design and tooling in July 1947 - along with about 60 uncompleted aircraft - to Ryan Aeronautical, famed producer of the Spirit of St. Louis as well as WW II trainers such as the PT-22 Recruit.

Ryan received an order for 158 upgraded L-17s in 1948 and a further order in 1949 for 5 more aircraft for the Hellenic (Greek) Air Force for a total of 163 aircraft. Ryan also subcontracted with Schweitzer Aircraft Company to upgrade 33 North American Aviation L-17s with Ryan features such as improved brakes, radios, and aux fuel. To track what were now 3 different types of L-17, unmodified North Amercian Aviation aircraft were designated L-17A, new Ryan aircraft were designated L-17B, and Schwietzer-modified North American aircraft were designated L-17C. The last L-17s were 3 "Super" L-17Ds (also listed as XL-22A or XL-22D) ordered in 1951, based on the new Ryan Navion Model B. This makes for a total of 249 L-17s with about 45 surviving today.

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L-17 Documents

This is a library of associated L-17 documents other than Technical Orders including press releases, memos, articles, etc. NOTE that all documents are for historical interest only and are not to be used for any other purpose.

L-17 Technical Orders

This is a library of all Technical Orders relating to the L-17, freely available for download as they are U.S. government documents. NOTE that all documents are for historical interest only and are not to be used for any other purpose.

Image of printed list of all L-17 Technical Orders


This is a listing of all L-17s and represents the current disposition as interpreted from official records such as FAA and international aircraft registrations, U.S. Air Force Individual Aircraft Record Cards (IARCs) and other sources. Information changes, and this list is constantly undergoing research, review and revision

North American Aviation L-17A/L-17C/QL-17

The L-17 is the orignal NAA-built L-17 ordered under contract W33–038–AC17631. 83 made, later designated L-17A.

Note that North American L-17s were civilian aircraft fitted with paint and radios as needed to meet military requirements. Lore, documented by numerous direct references including Chan King, indicates that completed NAvion aircraft were pushed into a storage lot. When the USAF requested an L-17 delivery, a NAvion was pulled at random from the lot, painted, fitted, and flown off. This is reflected in the North Amercian Aviation Memo dated September 23, 1947 detailing the specific North American NAvion manufacturer's serial numbers that were used to fulfill the military contract. Review will show that the serial numbers are random rather than sequential (as they are with Ryan L-17Bs) indicating they were not built in a sequential lot

The L-17C is a North American-built L-17A upgraded with Ryan Aeronautical L-17B compontents such as improved brakes, aux fuel and ARC-12 radios. The work was done under contract from Ryan Aeronautical at a fixed-rate by Schweitzer Aircraft with 35 converted. This teletype to Ryan July 2nd, 1948 identifies North American L-17A 47-1307 as the first L-17A to be converted by Schwietzer (under Ryan contract).

The QL-17 is a North American L-17A/C modified into a radio-controlled television drone by Texas Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TEMCO - also known as Temco Aircraft Corporation). 6 aircraft have been referenced as converted but to date evidience exists for only 3 L-17s converted.

Type Military
Ser. No.
Ser. No.
Manufacturer Civilian
Owner Name Location Status
L-17A 47-1297 NAV-4-861 North American Aviation N3178G Brandt Goetz San Jose, CA Registered
L-17C 47-1298 NAV-4-862 North American Aviation N673BG Diane Pierce Hemet, CA Registered
L-17C 47-1299 NAV-4-872 North American Aviation
L-17C 47-1300 NAV-4-873 North American Aviation N8873H Deregistered
L-17C 47-1301 NAV-4-882 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1302 NAV-4-891 North American Aviation
L-17C 47-1303 NAV-4-920 North American Aviation N7243C Deregistered
L-17C 47-1304 NAV-4-922 North American Aviation
L-17C 47-1305 NAV-4-930 North American Aviation N8930H Deregistered
L-17C 47-1306 NAV-4-931 North American Aviation N4216A Deregistered
L-17C 47-1307 NAV-4-932 North American Aviation N7856C Deregistered

First North American L-17 to be converted by Schweitzer under contract with Ryan

L-17C 47-1308 NAV-4-935 North American Aviation N5562V Deregistered
L-17C 47-1309 NAV-4-936 North American Aviation N8936H Deregistered
L-17C 47-1310 NAV-4-939 North American Aviation N673BG Deregistered
L-17C 47-1311 NAV-4-942 North American Aviation
L-17C 47-1312 NAV-4-943 North American Aviation N6724C Burton Ottow Milwaukee, WI Registered
L-17C 47-1313 NAV-4-945 North American Aviation N2775A Deregistered
L-17A 47-1314 NAV-4-946 North American Aviation N6480D Deregistered
L-17C 47-1315 NAV-4-948 North American Aviation N5208N Joseph Rice Caldwell, ID Registered
L-17C 47-1316 NAV-4-949 North American Aviation
L-17C 47-1317 NAV-4-950 North American Aviation
L-17C 47-1318 NAV-4-951 North American Aviation
L-17C 47-1319 NAV-4-953 North American Aviation N8953H/N7612B Deregistered
L-17A 47-1320 NAV-4-958 North American Aviation N8958H Deregistered
L-17C 47-1321 NAV-4-959 North American Aviation N8959H Deregistered
L-17C 47-1322 NAV-4-960 North American Aviation N9117R Samuel Storms Pflugerville, TX Registered
L-17C 47-1323 NAV-4-961 North American Aviation N10563 Deregistered
L-17C 47-1324 NAV-4-964 North American Aviation N3177G Deregistered
L-17C 47-1325 NAV-4-966 North American Aviation N8966H Deregistered
L-17C 47-1326 NAV-4-967 North American Aviation N1160V Robert Blythe Lakeland, TN Registered
L-17C 47-1327 NAV-4-972 North American Aviation N6459D Deregistered
L-17C 47-1328 NAV-4-977 North American Aviation N3179G Deregistered
L-17A 47-1329 NAV-4-978 North American Aviation N94575 Deregistered
L-17A 47-1330 NAV-4-980 North American Aviation N9178R Deregistered
L-17C 47-1331 NAV-4-981 North American Aviation N333V Deregistered
L-17C 47-1332 NAV-4-982 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1333 NAV-4-985 North American Aviation N8985H Felipe Irigoyen Holtville, CA
47-1334 NAV-4-986 TEMCO N8986H Deregistered
L-17C 47-1335 NAV-4-987 North American Aviation N333W Deregistered
L-17A 47-1336 NAV-4-994 North American Aviation N3950A Deregistered
L-17A 47-1337 NAV-4-1000 North American Aviation
L-17C 47-1338 NAV-4-1014 North American Aviation N4014K Deregistered
L-17C 47-1339 NAV-4-1015 North American Aviation N555S Dale Broz Laredo, TX Registered
L-17A 47-1340 NAV-4-1033 North American Aviation N5419V Deregistered
L-17A 47-1341 NAV-4-1041 North American Aviation N9096C Deregistered
L-17A 47-1342 NAV-4-1048 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1343 NAV-4-1049 North American Aviation
47-1344 NAV-4-1050 TEMCO U.S. Army Aviation Museum Ft. Rucker, AL On static display
L-17A 47-1345 NAV-4-1055 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1346 NAV-4-1058 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1347 NAV-4-1059 North American Aviation United States Air Force Museum Dayton, OH Marked as Ryan L-17B 48-928
L-17A 47-1348 NAV-4-1060 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1349 NAV-4-1061 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1350 NAV-4-1062 North American Aviation
47-1351 NAV-4-1063 TEMCO N9646C George Bass Livermore, CA Registered, Flying
L-17A 47-1352 NAV-4-1064 North American Aviation N9190R David Fraser Lee, MA Registered
L-17A 47-1353 NAV-4-1065 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1354 NAV-4-1066 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1355 NAV-4-1067 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1356 NAV-4-1068 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1357 NAV-4-1069 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1358 NAV-4-1070 North American Aviation N2968C Neil Hammond Manhattan, KS Registered
L-17A 47-1359 NAV-4-1071 North American Aviation N555T Deregistered
L-17A 47-1360 NAV-4-1072 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1361 NAV-4-1073 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1362 NAV-4-1074 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1363 NAV-4-1075 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1364 NAV-4-1077 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1365 NAV-4-1078 North American Aviation N10552 Jed Homes Inc. Lisbon, CT Registered
L-17A 47-1366 NAV-4-1079 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1367 NAV-4-1081 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1368 NAV-4-1083 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1369 NAV-4-1084 North American Aviation N4084K Deregistered
L-17A 47-1370 NAV-4-1085 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1371 NAV-4-1086 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1372 NAV-4-1088 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1373 NAV-4-1089 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1374 NAV-4-1090 North American Aviation N2774A Deregistered
L-17A 47-1375 NAV-4-1091 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1376 NAV-4-1092 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1377 NAV-4-1093 North American Aviation
L-17A 47-1378 NAV-4-1094 North American Aviation N75347 Deregistered
L-17C 47-1379 NAV-4-1105 North American Aviation

Ryan Aeronautical L-17B

The L-17B was built in a single production run of 163 aircraft by Ryan under U.S. Air Force contract W33–038–AC2156 (in some places abbreviated to as "AC-2156") based on their civilian Navion A model but purpose-built for the contract with all military equipment installed.

The original order of 158 aircraft was extended by 5 for the Hellenic (Greek) Air Force per the memo text below. It's interesting to note the date of the memo; Greek L-17Bs recieved the serial number prefix "49" for that year of order, but apparently only because Ryan staff had gone home for the holidays before acknowledging the order!

Headquarters Air Material Command
Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton OH
23 December 1948

Contract W33-038-ac-2156, Exhibit “C”

Ref: Greek Aid Reqn. GR-5-416

“…Hqs USAF has directed that a quantity of five (5) L-17B aircraft together with a year’s range of maintenance spares on Contract [above] be diverted from Ryan Aeronautical Company to the Government of Greece. One (1) set of special tools and ground handling equipment is also to be transferred”

Specific L-17B service history is difficult to determine. The U.S. Air Force used Individual Aircraft Record Cards (IARCs) that detailed all assignments. The U.S. Army treated light aircraft like any other equipment like a jeep or a bulldozer, simply stating status on daily Readiness Reports. A great deal of analysis is under way for all these resources, but for the moment most of what we know (or think we know) stems from a 14 October 1948 Shipping Instructions memo that details lots for specific locations and means for delivery. Every L-17B IARC has the specific project number, so we can at least determine where the specific aircraft was initially shipped. From there, disposition can be verified solely by additional information on the IARC or in-theater photos or documents - including readiness reports. Where project assignments are known they're noted in the registry below. When more information is available a seperate project assignment list of military serial numbers will be created.

NOTE: Photos exist of what appears to be a pre-production demo version of the L-17B wearing '901" on the tail. It's unclear what aircraft this is or what became of it; this is under research.

Type Military
Ser. No.
Ser. No.
Manufacturer Civilian
Owner Name Location Status
L-17B 48-921 NAV-4-1627 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-922 NAV-4-1628 Ryan Aeronautical N4179A Gary Weaver Morgantown, IN Registered
L-17B 48-923 NAV-4-1629 Ryan Aeronautical N7630B Deregistered
L-17B 48-924 NAV-4-1630 Ryan Aeronautical N2127Y Deregistered;Aircraft was posted on Barnstormer's in pieces in 2019.
L-17B 48-925 NAV-4-1631 Ryan Aeronautical N999S William Raulerson Titusville, FL Registered
L-17B 48-926 NAV-4-1632 Ryan Aeronautical N4246A Deregistered
L-17B 48-927 NAV-4-1633 Ryan Aeronautical N2791A Deregistered
L-17B 48-928 NAV-4-1634 Ryan Aeronautical N7635B Dregistered 65-05-20. Owner at deregistration was UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, Chief Pers Svs Division, Rantoul, IL 61866, Great Lakes Region

Most photos of 48-928 are from the U.S. Air Force Museum aircraft, which is actually L-17A 47-1347

L-17B 48-929 NAV-4-1635 Ryan Aeronautical N2341 Joan Gould Belleville, IL Registered
L-17B 48-930 NAV-4-1636 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-931 NAV-4-1637 Ryan Aeronautical N555V Deregistered
L-17B 48-932 NAV-4-1638 Ryan Aeronautical N236CS Deregistered
L-17B 48-933 NAV-4-1639 Ryan Aeronautical N842JW Ronald Herrington Lakeland, GA Registered
L-17B 48-934 NAV-4-1640 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-935 NAV-4-1641 Ryan Aeronautical N4292A Deregistered
L-17B 48-936 NAV-4-1642 Ryan Aeronautical N8086E Deregistered
L-17B 48-937 NAV-4-1643 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-938 NAV-4-1644 Ryan Aeronautical N4903E Deregistered
L-17B 48-939 NAV-4-1645 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-940 NAV-4-1646 Ryan Aeronautical N4971E Clarke Nielsen Colcord, OK Registered
L-17B 48-941 NAV-4-1647 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-942 NAV-4-1648 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-943 NAV-4-1649 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-944 NAV-4-1650 Ryan Aeronautical N8068E Glenn Murphy Wyalusing, PA Registered
L-17B 48-945 NAV-4-1651 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-946 NAV-4-1652 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-947 NAV-4-1653 Ryan Aeronautical N4294C Stephen Baldwin Lakebay, WA Flying, Restored
L-17B 48-948 NAV-4-1654 Ryan Aeronautical N5042K James Downard Bremen, OH Registered
L-17B 48-949 NAV-4-1655 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-950 NAV-4-1656 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-951 NAV-4-1657 Ryan Aeronautical N1400Z Deregistered
L-17B 48-952 NAV-4-1658 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-953 NAV-4-1659 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-954 NAV-4-1660 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-955 NAV-4-1661 Ryan Aeronautical N999L Joseph Robinson Pocahontas, AR Registered
L-17B 48-956 NAV-4-1662 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-957 NAV-4-1663 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-958 NAV-4-1664 Ryan Aeronautical N9509Z Deregistered
L-17B 48-959 NAV-4-1665 Ryan Aeronautical N4953E Deregistered
L-17B 48-960 NAV-4-1666 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-961 NAV-4-1667 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-962 NAV-4-1668 Ryan Aeronautical N1017B Deregistered
L-17B 48-963 NAV-4-1669 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-964 NAV-4-1670 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-965 NAV-4-1671 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-966 NAV-4-1672 Ryan Aeronautical N5594A Mark Larue Leander, TX Registered
L-17B 48-967 NAV-4-1673 Ryan Aeronautical N5041K David Heath Winona, MS Registered
L-17B 48-968 NAV-4-1674 Ryan Aeronautical N7709B Deregistered
L-17B 48-969 NAV-4-1675 Ryan Aeronautical N6489D Deregistered
L-17B 48-970 NAV-4-1676 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-971 NAV-4-1677 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-972 NAV-4-1678 Ryan Aeronautical N6092V Deregistered
L-17B 48-973 NAV-4-1679 Ryan Aeronautical N6844C Deregistered
L-17B 48-974 NAV-4-1680 Ryan Aeronautical N7733C Ronald Paliughi Fresno, CA Flying, Restored
L-17B 48-975 NAV-4-1681 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-976 NAV-4-1682 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-977 NAV-4-1683 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-978 NAV-4-1684 Ryan Aeronautical Documented Korean War Service via photo from The Regional Military Museum collection donated by Carl Magee
L-17B 48-979 NAV-4-1685 Ryan Aeronautical N906R John Rayburn Baytown, TX Registered
L-17B 48-980 NAV-4-1686 Ryan Aeronautical N8085E Deregistered
L-17B 48-981 NAV-4-1687 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-982 NAV-4-1688 Ryan Aeronautical N7727C Howard Bohl Temecula, CA Registered
L-17B 48-983 NAV-4-1689 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-984 NAV-4-1690 Ryan Aeronautical N10327 Deregistered
L-17B 48-985 NAV-4-1691 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-986 NAV-4-1692 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-987 NAV-4-1693 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-988 NAV-4-1694 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-989 NAV-4-1695 Ryan Aeronautical N5040K Arthur Chapman Chesapeake, VA Registered
L-17B 48-990 NAV-4-1696 Ryan Aeronautical N4913E Deregistered
L-17B 48-991 NAV-4-1697 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-992 NAV-4-1698 Ryan Aeronautical N213NY Deregistered
L-17B 48-993 NAV-4-1699 Ryan Aeronautical N7735C Deregistered
L-17B 48-994 NAV-4-1700 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-995 NAV-4-1701 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-996 NAV-4-1702 Ryan Aeronautical N6589D Tim Smith Topeka, KS Registered
L-17B 48-997 NAV-4-1703 Ryan Aeronautical N8664E Deregistered
Rumored to be disassembled
L-17B 48-998 NAV-4-1704 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-999 NAV-4-1705 Ryan Aeronautical N10145 Matt Hensarling Denver, CO Registered
L-17B 48-1000 NAV-4-1706 Ryan Aeronautical N804Z Deregistered
L-17B 48-1001 NAV-4-1707 Ryan Aeronautical N7748C Deregistered
L-17B 48-1002 NAV-4-1708 Ryan Aeronautical N999P Deregistered
L-17B 48-1003 NAV-4-1709 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1004 NAV-4-1710 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1005 NAV-4-1711 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1006 NAV-4-1712 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1007 NAV-4-1713 Ryan Aeronautical N77BH Bill Lattimer Monroe, WA

Flying , Restored

U.S. Air Force Project AFF9PL-9





L-17B 48-1008 NAV-4-1714 Ryan Aeronautical N4929E Joseph Davidson Kansas City, MO Registered
L-17B 48-1009 NAV-4-1715 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1010 NAV-4-1716 Ryan Aeronautical N3366G Deregistered
L-17B 48-1011 NAV-4-1717 Ryan Aeronautical N8222E Deregistered
L-17B 48-1012 NAV-4-1718 Ryan Aeronautical N1006B Deregistered
L-17B 48-1013 NAV-4-1719 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1014 NAV-4-1720 Ryan Aeronautical N10557 Deregistered
L-17B 48-1015 NAV-4-1721 Ryan Aeronautical N805Z Michal Downs Homestead, FL Registered
L-17B 48-1016 NAV-4-1722 Ryan Aeronautical N999Q Deregistered
L-17B 48-1017 NAV-4-1723 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1018 NAV-4-1724 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1019 NAV-4-1725 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1020 NAV-4-1726 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1021 NAV-4-1727 Ryan Aeronautical N2995C American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum Dallas, TX Registered
L-17B 48-1022 NAV-4-1728 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1023 NAV-4-1729 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1024 NAV-4-1730 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1025 NAV-4-1731 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1026 NAV-4-1732 Ryan Aeronautical N7710B Deregistered
L-17B 48-1027 NAV-4-1733 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1028 NAV-4-1734 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1029 NAV-4-1735 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1030 NAV-4-1736 Ryan Aeronautical N4238A High Noon Aviation Loveland, TX Registered
L-17B 48-1031 NAV-4-1737 Ryan Aeronautical N7728C August Branstner Sacramento, CA Registered
L-17B 48-1032 NAV-4-1738 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1033 NAV-4-1739 Ryan Aeronautical N4780C Deregistered
L-17B 48-1034 NAV-4-1740 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1035 NAV-4-1741 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1036 NAV-4-1742 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1037 NAV-4-1743 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1038 NAV-4-1744 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1039 NAV-4-1745 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1040 NAV-4-1746 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1041 NAV-4-1747 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1042 NAV-4-1748 Ryan Aeronautical N5426V Deregistered
L-17B 48-1043 NAV-4-1749 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1044 NAV-4-1750 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1045 NAV-4-1751 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1046 NAV-4-1752 Ryan Aeronautical N555U Deregistered
L-17B 48-1047 NAV-4-1753 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1048 NAV-4-1754 Ryan Aeronautical N2780A Deregistered
L-17B 48-1049 NAV-4-1755 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1050 NAV-4-1756 Ryan Aeronautical N10151 Deregistered
L-17B 48-1051 NAV-4-1757 Ryan Aeronautical N2979C Deregistered
L-17B 48-1052 NAV-4-1758 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1053 NAV-4-1759 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1054 NAV-4-1760 Ryan Aeronautical N4986N Deregistered
L-17B 48-1055 NAV-4-1761 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1056 NAV-4-1762 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1057 NAV-4-1763 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1058 NAV-4-1764 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1059 NAV-4-1765 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1060 NAV-4-1766 Ryan Aeronautical N10133 Chuck Fisher San Antonio, TX Registered
L-17B 48-1061 NAV-4-1767 Ryan Aeronautical N1114V Deregistered
L-17B 48-1062 NAV-4-1768 Ryan Aeronautical N6850C Deregistered
L-17B 48-1063 NAV-4-1769 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1064 NAV-4-1770 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1065 NAV-4-1771 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1066 NAV-4-1772 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1067 NAV-4-1773 Ryan Aeronautical N8RC Terry Stonitsch Peotone, IL Registered
L-17B 48-1068 NAV-4-1774 Ryan Aeronautical N715CT William Matarese Homosassa, FL Registered
L-17B 48-1069 NAV-4-1775 Ryan Aeronautical N1069P Sofia Byrne Deerfield, NH Registered
L-17B 48-1070 NAV-4-1776 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1071 NAV-4-1777 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1072 NAV-4-1778 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1073 NAV-4-1779 Ryan Aeronautical
L-17B 48-1074 NAV-4-1780 Ryan Aeronautical N3787G Deregistered
L-17B 48-1075 NAV-4-1781 Ryan Aeronautical N4902E Deregistered
L-17B 48-1076 NAV-4-1782 Ryan Aeronautical N333X Deregistered
L-17B 48-1077 NAV-4-1783 Ryan Aeronautical N7803B Danny Metz Brighton, CO Registered
L-17B 48-1078 NAV-4-1784 Ryan Aeronautical N4951C Johannes Verhoek Concord, CA Registered
L-17B 49-1961 NAV-4-1785 Ryan Aeronautical Hellenic Air Force
L-17B 49-1962 NAV-4-1786 Ryan Aeronautical N9828F Deregistered

Hellenic Air Force

L-17B 49-1963 NAV-4-1787 Ryan Aeronautical N20000 Michael D'Angelo Hendersonville, NC Flying

Hellenic Air Force

L-17B 49-1964 NAV-4-1788 Ryan Aeronautical Hellenic Air Force
L-17B 49-1965 NAV-4-1789 Ryan Aeronautical Hellenic Air Force

Ryan Aeronautical L-17D (XL-22A)

The L-17D is the final L-17 model, based on the more powerful 260HP Ryan Model B Navion. There were 3 made for evaluation and were accepted by the U.S. Air Force, although no futher orders were placed. Little is known about these aircraft today; L-17.ORG is waiting on the Individual Aircraft Record Cards from the U.S. Air Force Historical Research Association.

We can see at least some of the design thinking in this 9 March 1950 Model Specification for a Navion B (With L-17 type equipment) study done by Ryan.

Three L-17D airaft were used in U.S. Air Force Project SOIAS (Sliding On Ice And Snow) in the winters of 50-51 and 51-52. This consisted of instrumentation installed in the aircraft to determine ski performance on ice and deep snow.

Type Military
Ser. No.
Ser. No.
Manufacturer Civilian
Owner Name Location Status
L-17D 51-16425 Unknown Ryan Aeronautical Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
L-17D 51-16426 Unknown Ryan Aeronautical Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
L-17D 51-16427 Unknown Ryan Aeronautical Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown